Lynden Sculpture Garden and MSLS + Artist Collaboration

Back in early March some of our MSLS student artists had the opportunity to work alongside Lynden Sculpture Garden's Educator, Anna Grosch and Artist in Resident, LaNia Sproles. They visited our classroom and together we started making art. Sadly, our sessions together were cut short due to COVID-19. In response to this, I wanted to share with you all the awesome resources and programs that the Lynden offers virtually!

Here is a link to the Lynden Sculpture Garden's Virtual Hub where you can find resources for families, virtual tours of artwork in the garden, and virtual drop-in art making sessions with other Milwaukee-based art educators.

Check out their Artist at Work series under the "For Teachers" tab.  There, you will find a familiar face! The Lynden featured Milwaukee artist, LaNia Sproles! In our art classroom, MSLS student artists were able to meet LaNia, ask questions about her artwork, and see it up close. Here's a video series of LaNia in her studio talking more about her artistic process. I'm sure our students would love to see this!

For more information visit for updates on how they are accommodating in response to the pandemic.

Below shows MSLS artists water marbling with the help of LaNia and Anna. 


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