Use your imagination!

Hi Artists!
In this activity k-2, you will be using your imagination to re-image a box into something else! Click on the link to read the book Not a Box by Antoinette Portis.
After reading, grab a piece of paper and pencil to draw a large rectangle in the center. Then, use your imagination to turn the rectangle, or box, into something else. Add details in the background to finish your drawing!

Digital Drawing Resources

Hello Artists! 
Here are a few resources you can use to create fun digital drawings! I made the drawing below using the website Drawerings, which is a mandala maker that makes beautiful designs using radial symmetry. 

Digital Drawing • ​

Drawing • ​
Mandala Maker • ​

“Bomomo.” Bomomo.Com, 2020, Accessed 15 May 2020. “Sketchpad 5.1 - Draw, Create, Share!” Sketch.Io, Sketchpad 5.1, 2020, Accessed 15 May 2020. 2Dio. “Drawerings .:. Create a Mandala Kaleidoscope Drawing!” Drawerings.Com, 2020, Accessed 15 May 2020. ‌

Let's make a Puppet!

Hi artists! Today I'm sharing one of my favorite ways to make a simple hand puppet! Making and using puppets allows us to use our imaginations and help us tell all kinds of stories. You can make your puppet into a person, an object, an animal, or an imaginary creature. Be sure to watch the two videos to help guide you through how to fold your piece of paper and add details. I have also attached a few photos of the puppets I made, Sally the bunny and Carl the spotted alligator.  Here is the link to fold your puppet. Here is the link to show you a few options to add face details like pop-out eyes and teeth.

Create a gallery space - Google Arts and Culture

An art museum or art gallery is a place where people display things that they have created. It is a space where important objects are put on display. It is also a place where people can go to look at artwork! I like to think of our school's hallways as an art gallery where your artwork is hung up for everyone to see!

Check out all the art resources Google Arts and Culture has to offer! With a parent or guardian present, take a virtual tour! You can choose from over 2,000 art museums and galleries around the world! You can also view famous artwork and learn more about the artists in Google's Art Up Close Zoom series.

After you have taken a tour of an art museum or gallery space, we are going to create our own gallery! Think about what objects are most important to you? What objects do you always bring with you when you go somewhere? What objects would you want everyone to see? Create a list of 5 of your most important objects. Then draw an imaginary gallery space to display you…

Create a Sculpture

To make great art you don't always have to use fancy materials like large white paper, paint, or even markers. You can use almost any materials you see around you to make art. For example, you could use scraps of cardboard from a cereal box, toilet paper rolls, straws, bottles, magazines, paper, bubble wrap, tissue boxes, or newspaper. 

Let's build a sculpture! Remember a sculpture is something that stands up. You can look over, under, and all around a sculpture. Follow along the sculpture scavenger hunt sheet (attached below) to collect your materials and then attach them together.

Beckett, Marcia. “Cylinder Sculptures for Kids.” Art Is Basic | An Elementary Art Blog, 26 July 2017, Accessed 8 May 2020.

Shape Scavenger Hunt

Hello Artists! 

In this activity, we will be learning all about shapes by exploring our surroundings. 
1. Please read one of the books and/or listen to one of the songs I have attached about shapes! 
Books about shapes:
Perfect Square by Michael HallTriangle by Mac Barnett & Jon KlassenSquare by Mac Barnett & Jon KlassenSongs about shapes:
Basic Shapes“Can you make a...can you find a…” pt.1“Can you make a...can you find a…” pt.22. Look at the artwork of Mary Blair that I have attached. What do you see, think, or wonder about her art?
3. Use the Shapes Chart as a guide to help you look for shapes that are all around you.
4. Use the Shapes Scavenger Hunt worksheet to draw and write what you saw!  (you may print out or draw your own blank chart on a piece of paper)

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2020!

This week let's check out an artist who truly loves the outdoors and creating art with nature. His name is Andy Goldsworthy. He is considered an environmental sculptor and a photographer. He uses natural materials like leaves, sticks, icicles, flowers, bark, mud and stones that he finds outside to create land art. His artwork is temporary, so he often photographs his work after making it.

Watch these two videos to see how Goldsworthy makes his artwork and get inspired for our own art-making experience! The first video I'm sharing shows Goldsworthy at work creating art in nature. The second video is a slideshow of photos of his artwork. Notice how the elements of art are used in Goldsworthy’s artwork. Choose 2 elements of art to focus on when you are making your own artwork. What do you see, think, or wonder about his artwork?

I challenge you to take a walk or just step outside for a few minutes and see what kinds of natural materials you see. Be sure to t…